We support leaders to develop a new leadership paradigm. A paradigm fuelled by an ongoing drive to transform organisations and inspire and improve others and themselves, stimulating continuous growth. These leaders care about their personal relevance, their organisation’s relevance and their contribution to society. They handle dilemmas rather than answer questions. Their main aim is achieving successful and sustainable results.

Encouraging great people to become even better


At its core, change is a people’s process. To achieve and maintain transformational change, organisations should implement change on various levels. Dekker & Van Velzen encourage leaders to create momentum by building a rational framework and at the same time, appeal to people’s emotions. Transformation starts when employees become change agents, who motivate their peers to become part of a movement and take responsibility for their personal goals, their projects and the organisation.

The best way to predict the future is to create it

Commercial Excellence

Commercial excellence means advancing from input to impact and from output to outcome. It occurs when organisational long-term interests and clients’ long-term interests are properly balanced. Only when people advocate trust, respect, cooperation and leave room for interpretation,  commercial excellence can thrive. It gets reflected in a continuously growing client base which leads to more profitable deals.


People buy from people who believe what they believe

Executive coaching

Executive coaching often revolves around three fundamental questions: Who am I? What are my beliefs? What are my ambitions? In a familiar and safe environment, we focus on the past, present and future, to gain insights and to further develop personal growth in a business and/or private context. From the unicity of every case, we pick one of our three focus areas: transformational coaching, business coaching and talent development.

When you reach the top, climb further