Our collaboration is a great success; not only because of their custom approach but Ernst and Alexander know how to quickly get to the core of our team. We tackle fundamental issues, gain insights in what happens below ‘the tip of the iceberg’ and strengthen the most important element in our team: trust.

Arthur van Keeken
Business Executive Manager Drinks
Nestlé Nederland BV 

In the past years, Ernst and Alex have supported my management team with a unique custom made leadership programme, focusing on personal development as well as team development. Both my team members and I experienced an enormous boost in our personal development. Together as a team, we have build a culture that combines great commercial results with strong employee engagement.

Gijs van Wijgerden
Regio Directeur

What I find unique in Dekker & Van Velzen is their individual approach, commitment and most of all their practical experience. It proved to be incredibly helpful to me and my teams and has definitely taken us to the next level.

Svenja de Vos

Ernst has coached me in a very challenging period of my life. He has helped me to get in touch with my emotions and to get a clear view on my priorities. I started my own consulting business: contributing to the success of various companies, while maintaining my global network and meeting the needs of my family, without having to compromise on any level.

Janet Standing
Janet Standing Consultancy

I am extremely pleased with our collaboration, as it created a clear identity and mission for our business in Ukraine. Through individual and collective sessions, the directors experienced that what unites them is far stronger than their superficial differences. Ernst and Alex were aware of the Eastern European context and could therefore adapt their approach and program to our specific needs.

Tahsin Yasin
Managing Director Russia, Kazakhstan & Ukraine
Danone Early Life Nutrition

My coaching programme focuses on reflecting on personal behaviour and its impact on others. Gaining insights and skills to effectively use the underlying motives, serves as a guideline. Respect, reflection and realisation are recurring themes in the process. Today, my confidently executed management style is perceived as more clear and well-balanced.

Janine Fluyt
Communications Director
Van Gogh Museum

Dekker & Van Velzen helped us tremendously in consistently and adequately translating our strategy into goals, plans and actions. Through intensive coaching and training sessions on individual, team and management level, Ernst and Alexander helped us close the gaps between requirements and capacities, and contributed to our sustainable growth in the coming years.

Edwin Schoenmakers
VP Core Sales – Germany, Austria & Netherlands
Global Commercial Payments
American Express Services Europe Ltd.

We have always run our business based on common sense and made our decisions trusting our gut feeling. The interventions of Dekker & Van Velzen have not changed any of this, but we have gained a better understanding of our management style, strengths and weaknesses. Without Dekker & Van Velzen we would never have reached our current level or realised that there is still so much more to learn.

Mark Nolte
VP Business Development