Ernst Dekker

‘I become who I am by being who I want to become’ has been Ernst’s (1966) motto since he took a sabbatical in 2008. To this day, it plays a leading role in his practice as a consultant, coach and facilitator. His impressive career taught Ernst that people’s actions and development are heavily influenced by the (in)ability to believe in oneself and his or her capacity to succeed. He is dedicated to support others in their journey of growth and development and fulfil their personal and commercial potential.

Ernst is at his best in the area where results and development cross paths. His analytical insight, theoretical knowledge and business sense combined with his empathetic skills, sensitivity and sense of humour make Ernst a pleasant conversation partner. In an organisation which is undergoing change, Ernst feels right at home.


  • Member of the Board of Directors of Manpower Netherlands (staffing and recruitment services), responsible for Manpower Professional.
  • Senior director at Verizon, (telecommunication and outsourcing), responsible for the segment Multi National Clients in seven European countries.
  • Volunteer at Giving Back, an organization that encourages multicultural students to explore and develop their competences.

Alexander van Velzen

Alexander (1971) combines a non-conformist, creative spirit with a professional, business-like execution. His analytical skills help him focus on behaviour and processes. He has the ability to listen carefully to his clients and quickly define their needs. Alexander’s interventions are characterised by transparency and clarity as well as understanding and compassion.

Alexander has extensive experience in leading change processes for various national and international organisations. As a consultant, facilitator and (executive) coach, he guides and assists individuals, teams and organisations in their development and change processes. He understands the challenges that executive leaders are facing when undergoing (personal) development and change.


  • Managing partner at Kideem (Venture Capital and Private Equity Boutique).
  • Account Director Verizon (Telecom), responsible for several Dutch Multinationals.
  • Founding partner of Faxtor Securities (independent alternative asset management and investment firm)