Our beliefs

We do not live in an era of change; we live in a change of era.


Now more than ever, issues concerning leadership focus on the connection between future relevance, organisational relevance and personal relevance and the impact on daily operations.

True personal growth demands motivation, commitment and the courage to be vulnerable.

Start with the Why to define the How and the What.

“To know where you want to go, you have to know where you came from.” Simultaneous focus on the past, present and future as a beacon for growth and development.

Inside out: We believe growth always starts with the individual. Using awareness, self-knowledge and experience to help lead others. “Lead yourself to lead others”

Outside in: In the sphere of influence of clients, competitors, stakeholders, government and society chances arise for individuals and organisations. A strong identity will help decide which chances should be taken and translated into material and immaterial results.

The power of And: We offer a holistic approach, where issues and challenges are not analysed and resolved separately. We believe in coherence; everything in an organisation is connected.

Organisations themselves do not change, their people do.

Change itself is not the main goal; it should be converted into desired behaviour and sustainable results.

People who play to their strengths are happier and achieve more. Those who learn to unlock their untapped potential, can add significant value to their organisation.

Grass does not grow faster when you pull it. We realise that personal, team and organisational development take time and effort.